About me and my art

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My artistic work consists of unique ceramic sculptures and objects.

The pieces are created in a process where the clay are worked both on potters wells, plaster molds, as well as by hand modeling. Involving organic materials are the basis for my technique.

I am aware of the fact that i am able to specifically to change an organic material such as clay, to seem lightweight, mysterious and related to other organic objects. By experimenting with different techniques involving these organic materials in aiming for the field and tension lying between the heavy base material and the lighter expression, whereby i often create a mysterious expression in my art pieces.

image of krestine

My Art

I am finding great inspiration in the wild nature. The organic elements, their shape and the ongoing cycle from seed to deflowering as well as decomposition. This cycle of life are a great source of inspiration for me.
Sometimes I work with the mystic expression and inspiration springing from the Icelandic sagas.
Producing plaster mold and slip clay as well as experimenting with different colorations and techniques of firing the ceramic have been important facts in the creation of my pieces.


Email: krestine.h@rboe.dk
phone number: +45 22 36 00 82

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